Thank You 2016

I have less than 4 hours to type this out. As much as I can.

Thank you, 2016 for being what you are. Never mind what others say about you, taking away celebrities and whatnot, but I felt that this year was indeed one of the greatest turning points in my life. I learned to love unconditionally, as well as to forgive unconditionally. I became stronger mentally and emotionally, which I thought was never possible. You proved me wrong in many aspects, but you proved me right too in many other aspects.

Yes, I lost my part time job. That, made me leave the friends I made at work. But you taught me that all things are not lost, and I am thankful to meet them every now and then. I feel thankful for the several people I still have in my life, namely Fazul (whom I affectionately call my brother), Amirah and Rushdee. Yes, not forgetting the others who honk at me on the roads, like Sham. I also met Fazli through them and they brought me closer to a greater understanding of my companion on my journeys, my motorbike Anderson. (To summarise why I lost my job without breaking any secrecy clause: a manager at work had some personal grudges against me because I reported him for the unethical work practices. He utilised some stupid mistake I “did” which everyone does, but only I got the punishment. Sure, I lost my job but I’m glad to see that my actions at my ex-work place has curbed his unethical practices).

Losing gave way to gaining things – and it is true: alhamdulillah, opportunities were always there. Even though I lost my main part time job, I gained several more which resonated more to what I was majoring at school. I will be starting (insya’Allah) tuition in 2017 with two tutees and I am beyond excited to go on the educational journey with them. May Allah swt bless us and our intentions to gain knowledge, amin ya rabb.

On to family…

The funny thing about family is that when you’re faced with more time on your hands, you tend to devote those hours to them. I never used to do that, until I quit my job at Domino’s. My weekends were free and I never thought I would go to the market with my mom early in the mornings. I enjoyed it. Trust me, the first Sunday that came after I got terminated from Domino’s was one of the happiest Sundays ever. I went out with my family to Simpang Bedok and it was the most fulfilling family dinners ever. For the first time in possibly my entire life, I never quarrelled with my dad over what/where to eat. It was heartwarming and I could possibly say I cried a little before bed when I reflected and recited my prayers. I regained my family. I swear that feeling was the most beautiful thing I have ever felt.

With more time, I began to invest them in activities that benefited my heart, brain and soul. I began to read more, donate more (alhamdulillah) and exercise more. I have to thank my brother and Fanzura for exercising with me because *points at self* this lazy gal really haz no motivations lmao.

I started going for a dance class at the stadium, and truly enough, had more energy to live my days. It was amazing how the blood-pumping classes truly invigorated me and that $60 is pretty worth it. Five more lessons to go, and I can’t wait for them. 🙂

This coming year will be a scary one. Two trips within half a year, and my modules are getting much more demanding. Nonetheless, I won’t take that as a deterrent, but a motivation to keep moving on. I’ve talked about this with my brother every once in a while: I believe that we are put in this world for a reason, and whatever challenges we face are things that we are capable of in overcoming.

Thank you, 2016, for being what you are. Alhamdulillah, this year has been a beautiful one because of You.

edit: shout out to the friends who have accompanied me through this journey – yuhui, fazul, amirah, bestie mamtha, peifen, blossom, eunice, crystal, azry, caryn, basically the whole sociology cohort, perbayu friends, ntums friends, and whoever that have been advising me and pouring me unconditional love and support. you guys really rock and i can’t wait to see y’all when school semester starts. love you!


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