Day 94: Meeting New People

Dear Diary,

Right now, I am at my second part time job typing this out. My eye-bags got considerably worse and I feel really tired. Nonetheless, I really am motivated to keep on going, especially when school semester is about to start. Knowing that I might be working in fields related to my major in university, I am excited yet nervous.

At my university, I am one of the student ambassadors which is really an eye-opening experience. I get to meet people from literally all corners of the world. I got the opportunity to speak to them and help them ease into the fast-paced Singaporean life. It’s really fun and interesting… I’m glad I took the plunge in attending the interview for this program last year. Well, for at least the first half of this year, there are really a lot of things going on.

What’s upcoming in my plan of sorts? I’m not sure… Let’s pray that it’ll all go well!




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