I Teach – week 1

The first week of January marks the week I start teaching 2 young boys – one in Primary 6 Mathematics (let’s call him Dan)     and the other in Primary 5 English and Mathematics (and let’s call him Au).

The most terrifying thing about teaching is that their future quite depends on you, because their parents enlisted your help on top of their normal school load. The experience I gained in teaching varies much over the years, and through informal platforms/ad hoc basis. So being in charge of two boys’ learning is a vast change from what I’m used to.

Nonetheless, here’s a summary of what happened:


He was a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This meant that half an hour sessions were a tad bit too long for him. It wasn’t a problem since school just started, but as we go along, there will be much more things to cover. He prefers Mathematics to English, but this could change anytime! (Heh kids..) Nonetheless, lessons were as long as 15 minutes, or how long he could manage before he let out his first yawn. He prefers challenges too, so I challenged him to a vocabulary search in the dictionary. Gotta start him in liking to read them fine prints!


My first lesson with Dan was pretty difficult. He was really discouraged and shy because of his history in Mathematics. Honestly, the thing that gets me the most if the child doesn’t want to say that he does not understand. I’m okay if he gets the question wrong or doesn’t understand, but Dan refuses to say his uncertainties. Coming clean with his weaknesses is going to take some time – and he’ll need to trust me. Hopefully within the next few lessons with him, he will learn that I’m there to help him manage school work because Primary 6 is tough. I’ll be with him for 2 sessions per week (an hour each), which is more than enough. Tonight will be my second session with him (second week), so let’s see how things go on from there. Just praying that he will grow and believe in his abilities. 🙂

Teaching is really not easy!


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