Day 103: Saturday Mornings

Dear Diary,

Is it me or are Saturday mornings always have perfect weather that is suited to my moods? Right now, I just feel like riding my bike around Singapore, study outside the house too. It feels so relaxing to do just that, because the skies are so blue and the sun is really bright! It’s 8.39AM and (yeah I missed Subuh prayers darn) I just woke up from my long-ass sleep. Was supposed to go for mock camp for Zoombara but I had to do some house chores so… aside from doing those, I have nothing to do – I mean, I have to study, duh.

I’ve got a few readings to do and they are really content/concept heavy which is always difficult. Nonetheless, I am motivated to get this semester really well in my brain because… why not?

I can’t believe that my school schedule is getting packed *groans*. But I should just take each day to what it is, rather than look forward too much and getting really demotivated.

Let’s hope for a fruitful semester!




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