Re: Pets – Don’t be an Asshole

warning: many vulgarities. you have been warned.

Screw those who abandon their pets – be it cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, gerbils and so on. Like. Fuck. You. You wanted to own a pet, but you HAPPILY chose to abandon it to reduce your burdens. Why the actual fuck did you want to even have a pet in the first place?

It’s not easy to take care of strays. And us cat feeders use our own money (whatever we have) to get cat food that isn’t so life threatening (the good ones are hella pricy and not sustainable for our wallets). And people just abandon their pets especially cats after knowing that there are cat feeders in the vicinity. Don’t you understand that CATS ARE TERRITORIAL and you’re just fucking up the system that we so happily helped establish? Do you know that you’re causing much more hoo-ha because there are potentially more cat fights AND you’re one of the reasons for other human residents to complain because of the noise? And the authorities will come and cull those cats which don’t deserve that fate because of what YOU did?

I’m just so disappointed in the people who chose the easy way out just because animals grow into something “not cute” over the years. Like fuck you, all animals are cute. Only you are the disgusting vile human being who chose to damn an innocent life into days filled with fear and distrust in the stray environment.

/just so pissed.

rant ends. I need to do my homework.


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