Day 106: Studying is HARD

Dear Diary,

I’m not sure how I managed to pull off an average the past 3 semesters. For this semester, I want to be more than average. But it’s difficult. It’s so, so difficult. The drive is hard to achieve, and looking past more than 5 pages of any readings is really demotivating me. Not a semester that I would like to have.

Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to find a way out of the dull hole I am in. Watching dramas, going out with friends, and just enjoy life in general. At least (well I’d hope for that) I have a sidekick activity that is relaxing and calming (ya they are the same things). I’m getting a bit tired over the sleep I have been losing and it’s only what, the second week of school. Time really flies, huh, even when you’re not having fun.

I feel really in pain too, because of menstrual cramps. It’s not fun having this kind of pain to accompany you through lessons and all. *sighs* Homework is tough, and I just… can’t believe it. I really want to do decently, better than average this semester, and the next few semesters too. At least get to do something that’s on my bucket list. Haish.

Let’s hope for a better day today. I’ve got class in an hour. Almost done packing my school bag and gonna drink some green tea to soothe the inner side of my self.




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