Akmu Love. Serious.

Have you ever heard music that is so light and playful that you can just feel happy even after a terrible day? I honestly think that I’ve found the best singers for that.

Akdong Musician.

The cutest pair of siblings you’ll ever encounter in the music industry. Suhyun’s voice is just like honey and Chanhyuk’s talents are just mad crazy (yes he writes most of the songs, if not all!). I’m not sure how I stumbled across their existence – but I know that listening to them is never a mistake. (Godsend beautiful souls, seriously).

Whenever I want to study, this playlist is one of my go-to playlists because I can sing to them even though I sound like utter sh!t. My favourite song by them is… don’t make me choose… Melted! I swear Suhyun and Chanhyuk can sing the song live as well because their live stages are just *wow*. This is me fangirling over them.

Just watch them at Weekly Idol aka their first ever variety show appearance. Apparently YG (the company they are from) don’t usually publicise their artistes and Akmu had to beg just to be on the show to gain variety show experience. Honestly, t’was the best decision ever because the episode was so hilarious.

They are also loved by the general public. I’m sure they have their own fair share of sasaeng fans. But to be honest, they didn’t shot to fame so suddenly, so I’m sure they are being loved in a less scary way! Just look at this….

love love love their songs, and “How People Move” honestly makes me want to dance a lot even in the middle of the night. *sorry neighbours!*

Alright. Enough fangirling.

I’ve got homework to do.

/switches on the music/


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