I haven’t been in the best moods, and I am thrashing out my emotions on the people I love. I hate myself at this very moment as I type this, and God knows what is going on in my heart. 

You never deserved any of the pain I caused you. You helped me in so many things, made me happy and taught me what others haven’t – trust in friends. You were, by far, the first one to actually made me believe in the idea of best friends. You made me feel safe when I share my secrets with you, and believe me, I hardly, no… never share secrets with anyone until you came along.

It’s unfair of me to release my anger on you. It is only right that you reacted that way.

Honestly, I wish we could go back to how things were: when I was still naive about the world, and you teaching me the risks in traveling and how to make full use of life. You supported (most) decisions I make, and you were the closest thing to a brother which I always wished I had. But things became this way, and I don’t know if you are able to forgive me at all now.

I wish I wasn’t so stupid.

I’m sorry.


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