Day 118: Happy Lunar New Year!

Dear Diary,

My whole family went to Padang without me. As I have a lot of school work to be done, I can’t just ditch all of my work and go because those school work involve team presentations. 😦

My Chinese New Year just comprised of me staying at home, watching YouTube videos, doing my readings and inviting my brother and his friend over for supper (and playing VainGlory lmao). It was fun. Could’ve watched a movie but they wanted to play the mobile game instead so I played too. Not very good at the game so bleahhhh.

That was my Saturday. Today, mostly the same things would happen. Just that I have tuition later in the evening and I might go out to JB. Not too sure on the plans. I just hope I can focus my 100% to finish at least 80% of the work that I have to finish this week. *sighs*

Let’s get on with it.




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