No Excuses – But I have one for my Inactivity

There’s no excuse for not being able to write. Because I have to write lol. Life has been seriously busy for me, and I wish you all have been well. Not sure why I started this post this way; I suppose I needed to break the silence.


I have been drowning in work, but after this week, hopefully things get a bit better. I have been trying to finish as much work as I can during weekdays but I always end up falling asleep because I am too tired by school. So I often sleep on my bed with my laptop on my stomach… with the lights and the internet on (which triggers my Dad to go ballistic lol).

Haiya, I wish I could cut myself some slack, but my fault also for being busy. I like being busy, though. I spend the time I really waste doing something worthwhile. Interesting updates in my life:

  1. I just came back from my solo trip to China. I need time to blog about my experience there, or try to.
  2. I got accepted as a Befriender for the Boys’ Home. I applied when I was 19 and duh, I was rejected because of my age. I’m 2 months shy of being 21, the minimum age requirement. Can’t wait to make friends at the Boys’ Home. I guess it’s nice to have friends who are not from you’re usual social circle. Trust me, people who are living in probation/behind bars need friends… and they need a life besides the greyness in their life.
  3. Taught my first class at MENDAKI – 4NA and 4NT for English. The experience was… interesting, to say at the very least.
  4. I’m in the freshman orientation programme committee again for the second time, this time as a Finance Officer. A bit wow-zer that I am here again (albeit in a different position), but I know the hectic and I’m subjecting myself to the same things LOL.

Going to sleep now. I’ve got a presentation with my friends tomorrow for Voice Studies & Production. A bit underprepared on the presentation part… Haven’t prepared cue cards in case I forget anything. Let’s just hope that I/we don’t. The slides look amazing though. (3 full days of investing on the slides I hope we get this down!)

Love you all. Always. I need to go now, but I’ll be back soon after I get myself together.




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