Social Awareness – Fasting

I’m a Muslim. Like many religions around the world, we observe a certain practice called fasting.

Today, I fasted – partly because it is Rejab (one of the Islamic months) as well as… I have to pay back the days I did not fast during Ramadhan due to my period.

On Mondays after my morning class, I usually have class with one of my classmates. When I told him I was fasting today, he was like “Oh, you’re paying back?”. That got me pretty surprised. He wasn’t Muslim, but he knew one of the reasons why one (a female, that is me) would fast on a day that is not during Ramadhan.

I suppose being a Sociology student, he would be well-read, but I didn’t expect him to know. I expected him to ask “Why are you fasting?” but instead, he asked “Oh you’re paying back?”. Truly got me stumped.

I’m not sure if I am supposed to react this way, but I felt really… thankful? Blessed? To have people who understand what Islam is all about, even just a little bit. He may not be Muslim to understand my faith, and I may not be a person of his faith to understand his, but I wish everyone around the world would understand a little about each other.

I’m thankful I am in Sociology and learning about the world.


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