The Pen & Paper

Dear me,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something to motivate myself. I’m on the verge of giving up on studies. But I know I shouldn’t because Sociology is one of my passions that I really want to pursue. I can’t believe that teaching weeks are already over, and I can honestly say that I hardly skip classes except the occasional few when the weather is bad or I couldn’t wake up (lies, I never overslept this semester).

There are only two weeks to go before 4 May comes (yeah, may the 4th be ever in your favour). Then finals will be over and you’re officially done with sophomore year. You are absolutely thankful that your summer is filled with a few part time jobs, so you are financially stable post-Japan. You know that money is going to the savings for your summer exchange, so keep on working and don’t rest so long. 

I know it’s tough, but you shouldn’t think about giving up. What’s gonna hurt you more is giving up. 

Throughout this semester, know that I am proud of you for learning the ropes of being organised, independent and really firm on your stance. Yes, friendship ties had to be broken, but I’d rather you protect yourself rather than having to build from scratch again and hurting yourself in the process. Keep your family name strong, and yourself even stronger.

I really wish you can keep this spirit of never ending love for learning. Yes, you’re tied down with teaching for the rest of the year with 2 kids, and occasionally a class to teach during Saturday mornings, a campus job to attend to, and your ambassadorship with the student affairs office, but these multitude of tasks will keep you on the ball. Oh, don’t forget you’re involved with the freshmen orientation programme (for the second year running). It’s a bit sad you’re missing mock camp, but it’s good you’re not missing the opportunity for your summer exchange. You have learned how to give and take. 

I loved how you invest some time baking and cooking. You’re becoming domesticated and learning house skills which is necessary for anyone to know. I know you love it when mother smiles and enjoys your snacks, but you know it isn’t perfect so you have to keep trying. 🙂

Now, now, you’re typing this and having your notes in front of you. Always count your blessings, girl, because you have so many friends who love and care for you (shout out to Eunice for keeping me on track this semester!). Always love them and cherish them for who they are. Who know what I need and not what I want. It’s those nuances that makes them more precious.

I love you. Don’t ever touch it ever again. Okay?

Love, me.


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