Mini-Update: Back from Japan

Hey y’all,

It’s summer break! I am back from Japan (it has been a week, actually) and it’s Ramadhan. Quite a hectic month, I would say… but I am semi-employed – or semi-unemployed, depending on how you look at it.

Obviously, from the lack of updates, I am not the most consistent blogger out there and I have absolutely no reason to back this up. I do hope I will keep blogging, because it is one of my first loves after all. So what has happened ever since school ended?

Not much, I’d say. Went to Japan for 2 weeks and had a blast going solo for most part, and meeting the sweetest family in Kushihara Village, Ena district, Gifu Prefecture. Yes, I went to rural Japan. It was really expensive, but worth the experience. I would never spend 2 weeks in a country visiting cities throughout. I’m born and bred in a city-state, and of course the countryside fascinates me more than anything else!

Other than that, my semester grades came out and I felt really thankful. Honestly, my grades were a testament to the hard work that I definitely knew I had put in as well as the people who influenced me to work extra hard. (You know who you are!) After a disappointing 2 semesters, I felt that the last semester has brought a major lift to my perspective on education in university. It is tough because we have this terrible bell curve system, but I’m not going to give up just because of that. I love Sociology. Better do this sh!t well. 2 more years!

I’m thinking of documenting my thoughts about my Japan trip, but it might take a while (or never, since my China trip post never came hahaha). Honestly, I feel that I am a solo traveller that really busks in the experience but has really great difficulty in documenting the emotions that I feel at that very point in time. I love China. I love Japan. But blogging about them just doesn’t do them justice, especially with my subpar writing skills.

I’ll try. Hopefully this summer will be a productive one. Oh, I will be leaving for South Korea in 25 days. It’s crazy! This year has been a wonderful ride so far, but I’m never going to take anything for granted.





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