Work: Absolute Nothingness

Typing this out at work.

Is this what it feels like to do absolutely nothing? I’ve “watched” (more like read about them on DramaBeans) 3 dramas today and read so many Quora pages that could fill up an entire library if I printed them out. Oh, managed to watch Kimi no Na Wa when I started work too.

(at the same time I am battling this thing called heavy flow periods, so I think I ran to the toilet for at least 4 times now)

Seriously, there is nothing much to do here. And I still get paid. For watching dramas. Which really makes me feel bad because I want to do something instead of watching dramas… I still get paid though.

Never have I ever felt like this in a very long time. Perhaps 5 years?

I don’t get the point anymore. I guess I am thankful I only work on campus for 2 days a week during the holidays.

Do you know that there are only 10 days to the end of Ramadhan? And that I will be flying off to the land of Kimchi and the Hallyu wave in 14 days?

It freaks me out, that I will be traveling for the last time this year (as of today) and I don’t think I will be traveling for a long time till end of next year.

Will probably work my ass off for another year to save up as much money.

I’m getting really tired now, from doing nothing. I have 10 more minutes before I get off work.

I really am absolutely doing nothing. Is this what nothingness feels like? Why haven’t I experience it before?


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