My Mother

She is a woman who cared nothing of negative whispers, because those were gossips that meant nothing. She is strong, kind (when she wants to be) and hardworking.

Being the last child, I admit that I am always pampered by her. But she does try to give equal attention to the three of us siblings. & That’s the beauty, well one of the beautiful things about her, she always tries.

It sometimes scares me how little time is left and that death can knock anytime – sooner or later. But I’m thankful that now, I am more aware about death than ever, and take this opportunity to spend as much time as I can with my parents, at the very least.

Whenever I’m down and defeated, she challenges me to pick myself up. Who else would, if I didn’t do it myself? I guess that is what mothers do – empowering their children to become good and ambitious citizens.

Author’s Note: This is a post which I initially wanted to write a long one, but never got around to it. So I decided to just post it even though it is short. 


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