Blogging Void

I’m actually trying to revive my blog, but to no avail. School has started (currently in my junior year). Time really flies by during this semester. It scares me that recess week/fall break is actually next week. Not really ready to face the fact that I am flying out of the country, yet again, this Thursday.

Of course, I have to bring my laptop/work along with me because one of my profs has conveniently assigned us work to be submitted in a week’s time.

I have the second part to my summer exchange in my drafts, but I haven’t had the time nor mood to actually refine the post. It’s a little time-consuming – school that is. I wish I had time for myself, but never mind that now.

Just a heads up, I am not dead. And this blog hopefully won’t die. Just pray that I have time to update more, and with pictures.

Yeah, blogging void. Every blogger experiences this. I experience it more than others do, unfortunately. Let’s hope this post triggers my future blogging itches!




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