Towards the end of 2017

Thinking about this year truly made me feel how blessed I was to have multiple jobs that helped me support the activities I did this year. I suppose the highlight of this year were my travels. 

I was extremely ambitious following last year’s activities, that I managed to visit several countries in East Asia twice, Japan and South Korea. It took a lot of hard work to save up money. I know my spending habits; I was one of those who liked to spend unnecessarily on food and electronics.

My first semester of Sophomore year saw me through many days of me actually going home to eat rather than eating out. Sure, that meant that I did not spend time with friends during lunchtime and missed out on social opportunities, but I wanted to travel. It was a con as well, because I felt left out. However, being an introvert helped with a lot of things because I managed to enjoy my own company even more. (There are down times as well, so I made music more often)

I had new experiences as well in school, especially doing Freshman Orientation Camp the second consecutive year. Things felt easier because I did it once last year. I also felt more comfortable with friends from the Malay/Muslim society, even though I didn’t really hang out with them.

When I think about this year, it was mostly forgiving people as well as forgiving myself. I tend to keep high standards, and it sometimes hurt myself for doing that. I’ve learned to let go and really live life to the fullest.

I’m at a standstill in my volunteering career, however. I haven’t figured that out this year. I want to do more things next year in the volunteering field on a daily basis, to give back to the community.

I can’t recap much about this year. It’s been a painful year for me, so I just want to keep the travelling memories and some school memories.

I’ll see you in the next.



Thanks 2017, for everything you’ve taught me.



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