what Privilege means to me

It means different things. People distinguish or draw a line between a right and a privilege, but to me, the lines get blurry.

I live in a relatively spacious home built by concrete, with multiple safety measures and was built according to building codes/laws. That’s a privilege. I have a roof over my head, but a quality one. If that doesn’t count as privilege, I don’t know what else will.

I cry over the most… whimsical things ever. Like not being able to go on a semester exchange after getting offered a spot for two out of three application rounds. That’s a stupid thing to cry over, but I felt so overwhelmed by the disappointment and sadness… And forgot that I actually went on several solo backpacking trips around the world that had defined me so much today. Sure, going on semestral exchange would be a great opportunity to learn something new. But missing this semester exchange might be for a good reason to go for another (longer) backpacking trip. In another part of the world, people actually go through forced migration. Now, if what I have is not privilege, then I don’t know what else is.

I have gadgets that were created in an era of rapid technological advancements. I sleep on a comfortable springy bed every night. I wear spectacles that tailor to the degree of my myopia (and I still don’t take good care of my eyes). I don’t make full use of my education, and instead I grumble of the difficulty of school.

Arranged neatly on the dinner table are some delicious foods mom makes every day. Not everyone has a mom who makes them dinner/lunch. Every day. Some don’t even have food on the table or even a table.

And here I am.

Completely missing the meaning of life.

I always wonder why I am so complacent. So ignorant. So forgetful about the blessings that I currently have today.

If Allah wills, He can just take all of these away. Just say it, and everything will just be gone. And I forget that all these do not belong to me, but are just another creation of God. We’re given talents to build all these things, but we’re granted to have them.

And here I am, forgetting that such things do not come easy for others, but are made easy for me.

This is what Privilege means to me.



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