An NTU Junior

Time really flies, doesn’t it?

I would be lying if I said that I am fearless of the future. Only a fool is not afraid (I read that somewhere). It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog, but there is no excuse for that. I had time, I could have made time, but simply said, writing became difficult for me rather recently.

Right now, I’m in some kind of difficult position, tearing myself between the places I have to be at, and my attention span has waned when it comes to academics. I am really trying, but I am struggling to stay afloat, at least for this semester.

Travel-wise, I recently went to Hong Kong before school started in January. It was a beautiful trip, but that trip was not one without hiccups. Nonetheless, I got to see an entirely new culture, ate delicious foods and explored places with a friend I met during school exchange. It was a trip filled with lots of retrospection and nostalgia, and yeah, it made me more prepared for this semester, thankfully.

But that doesn’t mean I am surfing the waves effortlessly. My close friend is in Turkey on exchange, another is in South Korea. I barely see the usual coursemates because we’re all taking different courses this semester.

So how do I feel as an NTU junior? I’m almost reaching the end of my stint here. Whoever told us that university was easy are liars. It never once felt easier than primary, secondary or junior college days. I guess that’s life. We’re constantly looking back upon the old days, thinking of those stupid things that we do – which have become fond memories to be kept for life.

NTU is definitely progressing a lot, despite all those scandals in academia. New buildings keep popping up *The Arc* and new programmes are in the running to be established *Geography major*. I, for one, don’t feel terribly excited, maybe its due to me no longer being a fresh-eyed fresh freshmen or have struggled through one too many pains. Though, I still reminisce in happiness when I see uni kids walking in one big bunch – that’s a telltale sign that they are freshmen.

Career prospects-wise, I guess NTU sure has that brand name. Not as strong as NUS, but still existent anyway. Perhaps I’m still not too sure on this, but we’ll see on my employability levels once I graduate (which is not too far from now).

I’m not sure if it is a Junior thing, but I always look forward to going home. I haven’t been home for long hours, and never have experienced a full day at home doing absolutely nothing. I know I’d complain of boredom if I do experience it, but those moments are most cherished right now. I’ve been going home way past midnight trying to finish project proposals and schoolwork. Working at home almost instantaneously means sleep. Can’t blame my bed for being too appetising, right…

Friendships… this is a tough one. I’m pretty thankful to have a rather close-knitted circle of friends whom I trust and care for, and (hopefully) vice versa. I became closer to one module’s classmates and it was such a surprise that we, or I lolol, feel much closer than before even during our junior years. Quite amazing. Never expected that.

So yeah, this is how my second semester of my junior year has been going. I’d love to know more about yours, but I doubt anyone is reading this. (which means… I really need to get into the drive of writing, and I need to write better.)

See you all in the next one. 🙂

photo taken in Xi’an, China.

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