kanochromia’s The Education Fund

It has been a dream of mine to start an independent fundraiser for the causes I am passionate about. After a long period of deliberation and planning (well, it took 2 months actually), I finally initiated kanochromia’s The Education Fund.

The initial plan was to make it partially non-profit and partially for-profit. I had some student loans/bills to pay for but I still want to support the causes I am fighting for. Even as I am writing this, I am still trying to decide between a full non-profit or a partial one. Nonetheless, if I do go for partially for-profit, 80% of the profits will definitely go to the beneficiaries I have chosen. At a maximum, I will only take 20%.

Why education? I think for some of you who know me well, I am a pretty strong advocate for good quality education. Personally, I am lucky to have received a rather “great” standard of education since young. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a silver spoon like I am. That is the cold heart truth for many of us. Some are definitely marginalised in society, but I am sure that this is not the end for them. I feel that, with my abilities, I am able to give my support by contributing to educational programmes (North Korean refugees) and school camps (Singaporean youths-at-risk).

Currently, I am working with a group of friends in Nanyang Technological University Muslim Society’s Alterisk 2018. Here’s the Instagram page, with a brief introduction of this year’s theme for the camp. We will have around 70 Muhammadiyah Welfare Home boys participating in this camp this coming June!

✨Camp Eclipse✨ ______________________________________________________________________

This year’s AlteRisk camp aims to induce the remembrance of the Almighty through His Greatness in the creations of the universe beyond Earth that stretch far and wide into the limitless concept of space, hence for us to always have faith. We are bound to meet trials and tribulations in life, but participants will learn that these are passing phases that push them to struggle through, to emerge stronger and improve themselves. Just like the astronomical event of an eclipse; in every period of darkness we are to remain resilient while continuously striving and soon light will emerge. This way, participants will be able to realise their full potential and reap the benefits of it.

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The second beneficiary for this fundraiser is in support of one of my Sociology friend’s fundraising effort. Her name is Gladys and she is currently on exchange to Seoul National University. As part of her volunteering programme, she wants to raise funds for the educational programme for the North Korean refugees. If you’re curious, this is her pitch:

Hi friends, Gladys here and I’m currently on exchange in Seoul, South Korea, at Seoul National University! So I joined this organisation recently – Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR). It’s basically a non-profit organisation that empowers North Korean refugees through a few meaningful initiatives.

Besides giving away some of my free time during this semester to teach English to the North Korean refugees, I have also set up a fundraiser to finance the operations of TNKR. Every dollar counts because TNKR runs solely on donations!

As some of you may or may not know, North Korean refugees face difficulties adapting to the South Korean society even after escaping the North Korean regime. One practical way to help them would be via donation – this would ensure the longevity of this project and allow for more North Korean refugees to benefit from this programme.

Please support this cause by giving to my fundraiser at this link (https://give.lovetnkr.com/en/fundraisers/Help-North-Korean-Refugees-to-Move-Forward)! Feel free to give an amount that you’re comfortable with. Your contribution will make a difference. Many thanks! 🙂

P.S. Do help me to spread this around as well!! Thanks 🙏

After staying in South Korea and taking modules about North Korea at Kyunghee University, I felt really passionate for these refugees. I simply cannot imagine how some of them have to escape via the Tumen and Yalu rivers (which are dangerous fast-flowing rivers) and are at the risk of being shot by North Korean soldiers. Not only that, they experience xenophobic reactions in the South because of their clear accent and increasing coldness from the younger South Korean population.

Education is really the only way out for a majority of these refugees. Are most of them good speakers? No, I doubt so. But I’m sure with a good education programme, they are able to build stability in their lives like how many of us have had all our lives.

The Future of kanochromia’s The Education Fund

To be honest, this came across my mind in flashes. Nothing too concrete. Maybe towards Eidulfitr we will open up fundraising again, but for sure, I’d love to make this an annual effort.

Many Thank You’s

Thank you for reading my pitch and if you’re interested to support the two causes mentioned above, do not hesitate to email me at ilovewanderlust@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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