Goodbye, junior year

Chut chut chut… and year 3 semester 2 is now over. It was already over since 25 April for me. It doesn’t feel like it, because summer break… *sigh*

Now I am way beyond the halfway mark. May 2019, and I will be an NTU graduate. It kinda freaks me out, really. I will have to start working. Postgraduate studies? Not by a long mile, really.

I don’t feel rested. In a few days, I’ll be traveling with a friend for a few days. And on the following Monday, my internship with Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will start. Whooh… it’s so scary. The pace of life is really going too fast for me.

12 weeks later, summer break will be over and my tutees will be very much closer to their PSLE examinations. It really terrifies me how much I have accomplished and how many challenges I have to go through within a short span of time. Soon, a huge thing will happen and boomz (not gonna tell what).

The biggest thing that happened this year was of course, the birth of my nieceĀ Nuha. I cannot believe that a life is literally being born into this world (of course, yes, science, biology), but life inside a life. It’s one of the greatest things God has made and created and I just want to see all the beautiful creations on Earth made by Him.

Born on 12 January 2018… (p.s. this will probably be the only photo I post on my blog about Nuha).


Can’t you see how adorable she is? Plus, she has dimples on both sides of her cheeks! She’s starting to make funny sounds now, a developmental stage for her vocal chords. She’s also starting to turn, or maybe she already has.

All these milestones are so exciting! I’ve never changed her diapers before, and maybe one day I will! Maybe before she starts eating solid foods…

Academic-wise… it has been a mentally draining semester. I’ve got lots of talk about, and rant!!! But I realise that it’s just doing nothing for my mental health. So I’m learning to let this semester go in peace. Just work harder for what’s coming up next.

I realise that with university, there’ll be lots of ups and downs crammed into 4 years. And definitely, I just have to learn to accept it. Move on. It’s painful, but it’s true. People won’t like you. Move on. People bitch about you. Move on.

Sometimes you have to bite back to protect yourself. Which I did multiple times to-date. I know it’s tough. But really, I’ve learned to let myself go at some responsibilities and just keep going.

To be honest, there isn’t a photo taken with my Sociology friends this semester. I took different modules and it’s so hard to meet up. Sad, isn’t it? šŸ˜¦


Here’s a picture of cookies that I baked this semester. Food always wins.

Let’s just sum up this post.

Good bye Junior Year. It has been nice knowing you. I love and hate you, but I guess I grew up more than the previous semesters/years. Am I really ready for senior year (and post-graduation)? I don’t know.

Take it slow.


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