I’m Flying!

It excites me to announce that I will be flying off to South Korea (yes, again) but this time, to Jeju-do

*this post is scheduled; as you’re reading, I am most likely making my way from Senai Airport (JHB) to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA2/KUL)… or maybe, I’ve reached KL*

The last time I stepped into South Korea was during Chuseok last year and I had a blast! You can read my posts about my backpacking trip around Seoul and several cities outside the capital here and here.

This time, it’s not really a backpacking trip, but more of a leisurely drive around Jeju. Yes, drive. You read that right! I’ll be driving, plus my cohortmate, Gladys (who is currently on a semester exchange to Seoul National University) will be joining me for the several days in Jeju.


It’ll be the first time I’ll be driving in a country that drives on the opposite side! (I’ve driven in Malaysia so I’ve driven in a foreign country before~) Reading up lots of visitor accounts on driving in Jeju. Good thing is that outside Jeju City and Seogwipo, is not really congested, but of course it’ll be rather busy in the cities.

I’m really excited to finally FLY! Is it a bad thing to always feel stuck in Singapore, knowing that many other exciting things are so close by? 😦

Anyway, I’ll be blogging about my experience(s) after I come back. Might take a while, but I do hope you’ll bear with me.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 00.54.49

See you in Jeju!


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