Travel Tips

Hello folks! I have not updated anything in my Travelogue project in a while! To start things off, there are several things that we often miss whenever we are preparing for a flight to somewhere mysterious…

Without further ado, I am going to share with you 10 personal favourite tips that have kept me sane throughout my solo journeys. So let’s start reading!

  1. SkyScanner is actually my go-to, but it is not everything. Surprise. Of course there are some sites which can be reliable like Expedia and Zuji, but the prices might be much higher.
  2. While SkyScanner can be a good website to start off, booking your actual tickets should be done after double-checking the airline’s website. Sometimes, the airlines have offers that do not show up on SkyScanner because of algorithmic properties, which I don’t understand. So, exhaust all possibilities!
  3. Always, read, reviews. I can never emphasise this enough. Sometimes I am hell-bent on doing a certain route, or wanting to rent a car, but so many kind-hearted reviewers are much more stubborn than I am so they chided me into doing conventional routes that will save TIME and MONEY. So always read reviews, no matter how short they are. You’ll thank me for that. (Your welcome!)
  4. Never, ever change your money at the airport unless you have to and/or the currency is not really in demand in your home country. It’s always good to change to USD because it is in demand almost everywhere in the world. Just keep it for future travels.
  5. Get a SIM card. You have two options – get it in the country you’re visiting or get it in your home country. There’s this portable wifi thing that’s pretty popular too. I’ve never tried it but if it works for you, then cool, go ahead. Certain countries have theirs way too expensive (Japan), so I got my SIM card via Qoo10 back in Singapore.
  6. Pack LIGHT. I’m a backpacker through and through, unless I want to be lazy for a trip. Even then, I wouldn’t bring more than 1 jacket unless I am doing some hardcore skiing or something. I’ll pack at least 3-5 tights and a pair of shorts for Spring/Summer because they are flexible with whatever I wear as a top. To each his/her own, but I really recommend you to not bring so many duplicates which you will not
  7. Another thing about clothing – always know what facilities are made available during your stay. If you have a washing machine and a dryer, you can reduce the number of undergarments and disposable panties (SAVE THE EARTH, PEOPLE!).
  8. Pack your stuff in zip lock bags: When I was in Japan staying at the dorms, it was hard to unpack without making so much noise. By pre-packing certain items into separate clear bags, I reduce the time of noise production I make. Learned a lot under stress, really. I’d like to think I’m a professional bag packer…. Heh.
  9. If you’re staying with a family, always bring gifts that represents your country. Postcards are standard and hard to miss. I sometimes bring snacks on board, and they do make really good souvenirs!
  10. Step away from your phone – not everybody needs to know that you dropped your ice cream cone into the drain and wasted $5. Take a chill pill and enjoy everything around you before you get back to the grind.

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