Summer Exchange: Kyung Hee Pt. 2

Hi guys, I am back in Singapore. Promised to blog more about Summer Exchange but obviously I did not do so. But perhaps this will summarise all the things that I have experienced during the 28 days I lived in South Korea as a haksaeng (student). There were some things that I have addressed previously, and some... Continue Reading →


Ramadhan Food Pangs…

... Or more like wondering how to meet up with old friends and rekindle the friendship. This year's Ramadhan feels a little more sluggish for me. I honestly felt like staying at home doing nothing all the time - which is really bad. I am used to doing lots of activities, but I now resort to... Continue Reading →

NTU Life: Halls

Welcome to the first blog post where I try to introduce you to life as an NTU undergraduate student. Located in sunny Singapore, Nanyang Technological University is also "affectionately" known as Pulau NTU, because apparently only 3 buses go in and out of the campus - 179, 199 and Campus Green. During blooming season, you can observe... Continue Reading →

Nazira Bakes: Mochi

It's been a while since I've done something aesthetically pleasing... Here we go! Mochi. It's this funny little ball of gooey substance made out of glutinous rice flour. One of the most amazing Japanese snacks that I have encountered (besides Takoyaki!). Apparently, it's really easy to make. But I did make mistakes before with this simple dish.... Continue Reading →

The End of Finals

... and that marks the end of Year 1 Semester 1. It has been a crazy ride, no doubt, but I did so many things that I could not have possibly done. For one, I drove my friends and we ate at 24/7 eateries for the first time in my life. After 12 midnight. I drove on the... Continue Reading →

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