Tips for Incoming Exchange Students to Singapore!

Are you looking for a country to study in for a year/semester exchange? Wondering how Singapore would be like but the information's everywhere? Look no further! I'll try to condense everything that you need to know if you are planning to come here for exchange! (Also, if you're just travelling, these tips can be applied to... Continue Reading →


Why Singapore is the Best Country to Study in For Muslim Exchange Students

Due to the rising rates of Islamophobia, one cannot deny that studying overseas in a place you are unfamiliar in makes you do a double take. What if people don't accept you for who you are? Are you going to worry about whether you can get to class safe or will you experience verbal abuse... Continue Reading →

Train Breakdowns & How to ‘Fix’ it

Number one. Do not blame the workers. There was once a worker died on the tracks and we don't want to relive that scar. What if they all protest, and it's super pressurising. (Having worked in F&B, I sort of know how idiotic/demanding consumers can be) Number two, really re-evaluate the nationwide constructions and roads.... Continue Reading →

NTU Life: Halls

Welcome to the first blog post where I try to introduce you to life as an NTU undergraduate student. Located in sunny Singapore, Nanyang Technological University is also "affectionately" known as Pulau NTU, because apparently only 3 buses go in and out of the campus - 179, 199 and Campus Green. During blooming season, you can observe... Continue Reading →

Commitment to Cats

I don't remember when I started loving cats. It probably happened when I was very young - but the earliest memory was me scaring the cat at my old house. It scratched me pretty bad and that wasn't a good recollection... But I guess seeing cats everywhere even when I don't own a pet made... Continue Reading →

Ramadhan is Ending

Here in Singapore, the month of Ramadhan and Syawal are probably the most recognised months in the Islamic calendar by the state. A lot of my non-Muslim friends enquire about the Islamic practices (especially terawih) and also about the sighting of the moon/how the month actually starts and ends. There are lots of celebrations in... Continue Reading →

Grades REALLY aren’t everything

This will be a short post that will not be conclusive of all the thoughts that I currently harbour towards (more of the) people and (less of) the education system in Singapore. Being in this totek lek country (*super small country*) ever since I existed, I learned that grades really. isn't. everything. You'll never learn to... Continue Reading →

Amidst the Hurricane

Comes a sense of calmness. My life is in a flurry right now and every moment I spend at home in my room or with my family is cherished greatly. It feels like I have been sleeping far too much, or studying far too little, with work in the background. I am excited for my... Continue Reading →

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