Why Singapore is the Best Country to Study in For Muslim Exchange Students

Due to the rising rates of Islamophobia, one cannot deny that studying overseas in a place you are unfamiliar in makes you do a double take. What if people don't accept you for who you are? Are you going to worry about whether you can get to class safe or will you experience verbal abuse... Continue Reading →


Summer Exchange: Kyung Hee Pt. 2

Hi guys, I am back in Singapore. Promised to blog more about Summer Exchange but obviously I did not do so. But perhaps this will summarise all the things that I have experienced during the 28 days I lived in South Korea as a haksaeng (student). There were some things that I have addressed previously, and some... Continue Reading →

Balancing Work, Study and Travel

Introduction: Friends have always wondered how I managed to juggle work, school as well as traveling. I would not say there is a one-method-fits-all kind of thing, but after knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I suppose I found my own personal fix to really utilising my time wisely. Just a disclaimer, I do have my down-times, where... Continue Reading →

Day 118: Happy Lunar New Year!

Dear Diary, My whole family went to Padang without me. As I have a lot of school work to be done, I can't just ditch all of my work and go because those school work involve team presentations. 😦 My Chinese New Year just comprised of me staying at home, watching YouTube videos, doing my readings... Continue Reading →

Guide: Short, Smart, Sweet Study Tips

Currently, it is 1.10AM and I am at a void deck studying with one of my friends. He will be having his exam, while I will be having my paper submissions pretty soon. Since it's appropriate timing, I'd love to some study tips which will hopefully help you students facing the wrath of deadlines and exams!... Continue Reading →

Literature & Me

I've been rather in the swing of things when it comes to college (and yes, college posts are in the "Drafts" section so keep your eyes peeled for them!). Currently, I'm taking this module Fictions of Love: Film & Literature. I was pretty nervous and a little bit crazy for doing so because I have never taken a... Continue Reading →

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