what Privilege means to me

It means different things. People distinguish or draw a line between a right and a privilege, but to me, the lines get blurry. I live in a relatively spacious home built by concrete, with multiple safety measures and was built according to building codes/laws. That's a privilege. I have a roof over my head, but... Continue Reading →


Being a Teacher

To some, I am known as a student. To another, I am known as a friend. To others, I am known as Nazira. But to (sometimes) two people, I am known as their teacher. To be honest, this journey was not what I expected it to be. At least once a week, I come by... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – Degree

If you were in Singapore and you associate yourself with a degree, the most common and obvious thing that Singaporeans would ask is: You have a university degree? From where? It gets very frustrating at times because not everyone wants to be associated to a piece of paper that you get at the end of... Continue Reading →

little time

There isn't a lot of freedom left before I leave this place called home. I won't be there to physically see my family, and won't eat the same food as they do. For a month. My heart wrenches at that very thought, but I am doing something that not many get to do, and not... Continue Reading →

K-Dramas: WFKBJ & Goblin

Lately, I've been on a drama whiff because school is stressful and every girl (and boy) needs their outlet of stress relievers. Just so happened that mine was drama watching. So I've finished Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Goblin pretty recently. Mind you, I'm the kind to skip scenes that are really draggy but kinda get... Continue Reading →

What does a Wise Man have?

We had a discussion a few hours back around the supper table - what makes a man wise? None of us were equipped with a dictionary at the moment, and nobody bothered to search on Google on the definition of a wise man. Nonetheless, the rawness of the discussion set me thinking even long after... Continue Reading →

To Her

What do you want to accomplish this week, and where do you want to be five years from now? Are you taking steps to get there? Don’t go another three years doing something you’re not passionate about. Life is flying by. This is your one shot, so live every day purposefully. What do I want... Continue Reading →

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