Calming Experience at an Onsen

I've been to Japan twice in 2017. During the first trip, I was offered to be driven to the local onsen in rural Gifu by my host family, but I politely declined because I did not know what to do as I had not researched much about the onsen culture. However, I was again in... Continue Reading →


Backpacker in… Sokcho

I backpacked through several cities out of Seoul during Fall Break of 2017 - Daejeon, Chungju, Andong and Sokcho, finally returning to Seoul to complete the loop. One of the most beautiful cities in South Korea that is easily accessible from Seoul is Sokcho. It is a city that is near the East Sea, but has... Continue Reading →

2017? 2017!

It's never too early to start thinking about 2017! TigerAir had their birthday sale today from 12 midnight to 12 pm (which will end in about like... 18 minutes as I type this?). I really wanted to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong but apparently they are very popular destinations! Taiwan/Hong Kong... it wasn't meant to be. So I searched... Continue Reading →

Amidst the Hurricane

Comes a sense of calmness. My life is in a flurry right now and every moment I spend at home in my room or with my family is cherished greatly. It feels like I have been sleeping far too much, or studying far too little, with work in the background. I am excited for my... Continue Reading →

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