Author’s Note

Hello, folks!

My name is Nazira and I hail from a small country called Singapore. I am 21 years old, a current full-time student in Nanyang Technological University studying Sociology.

That’s me.

I enjoy reading, drawing, doing DIY stuff, poke and probe for gadgets online. A terrible introvert, but I like to do things out of my comfort zone a lot of the times. I enjoy traveling alone and the next big place I’d like to go is Taiwan because I’ve heard that the people are so nice and friendly.

I’ve been to Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Japan, the United States of America, Vietnam, Norway and Qatar (transit).

My to-go list?

Taiwan, Laos and South Korea.

edit: As of 1st October 2016, I’ve started a Travelogue project which you can explore in the menu above. But I am not very good at updating things. Oh well. 



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