what Privilege means to me

It means different things. People distinguish or draw a line between a right and a privilege, but to me, the lines get blurry. I live in a relatively spacious home built by concrete, with multiple safety measures and was built according to building codes/laws. That's a privilege. I have a roof over my head, but... Continue Reading →


Being a Teacher

To some, I am known as a student. To another, I am known as a friend. To others, I am known as Nazira. But to (sometimes) two people, I am known as their teacher. To be honest, this journey was not what I expected it to be. At least once a week, I come by... Continue Reading →

My Reasons for Writing

Reflections From the Heart

One of my cousins from across the miles posed a couple of great questions, giving me food for thought. He asked:

Why do you write? And why do you write about the family?

My answer to him:

First of all, I write because I know I have a story to tell. As a kid, eventually I discovered we were dirt poor. In my teens looking back, I realized that I was neglected and forced to grow up too fast. I was ashamed of my childhood and bitter for being my mama’s mother. As I “matured,” settled down, married and had children of my own, along the way I found I was a stronger person because of some of the things that I endured as a child.

Once I embraced the God of my grandparents, I became a much better person, too. NOT that I had it all together; I still…

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It breaks my heart to write this post. Never in a million years would I have to start the morning of 2018 on a bittersweet note. I am/was not close to this particular senior of mine. However, he was one of the first seniors I encountered in university. Being one of the leaders for my... Continue Reading →

Towards the end of 2017

Thinking about this year truly made me feel how blessed I was to have multiple jobs that helped me support the activities I did this year. I suppose the highlight of this year were my travels.  I was extremely ambitious following last year's activities, that I managed to visit several countries in East Asia twice,... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – Theory

Here is me, trying to convey my rather... weird ideas. I simply have a hard time trying to write things into words. Not very good with them, actually. But I want to try. And I hope you'll listen. Right now, I am 21. Come 2018, I will be awaiting my 22nd year of being on... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt – Degree

If you were in Singapore and you associate yourself with a degree, the most common and obvious thing that Singaporeans would ask is: You have a university degree? From where? It gets very frustrating at times because not everyone wants to be associated to a piece of paper that you get at the end of... Continue Reading →

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