Why Singapore is the Best Country to Study in For Muslim Exchange Students

Due to the rising rates of Islamophobia, one cannot deny that studying overseas in a place you are unfamiliar in makes you do a double take. What if people don't accept you for who you are? Are you going to worry about whether you can get to class safe or will you experience verbal abuse... Continue Reading →


Realistically Speaking about Solo Traveling

Most of you, if not all, have seen Facebook posts about the wonderful things related to solo travelling. How it opens up your eyes to the beautiful things on Earth. Add that to your Instagram feed with those captions... Everything seems positive.  Right? Nope. Not exactly. First things first, I acknowledge that I am one... Continue Reading →

Backpacker in… Andong

Prior to the Sokcho leg of the most recent backpacking trip, I was in Andong, North Gyeongsang. Before my trip, I knew that Andong was a sure visit because of the various things that you can visit and try to experience the beautiful rural city. One thing I appreciated more than anything else is the convenient intercity... Continue Reading →

Backpacker in… Sokcho

I backpacked through several cities out of Seoul during Fall Break of 2017 - Daejeon, Chungju, Andong and Sokcho, finally returning to Seoul to complete the loop. One of the most beautiful cities in South Korea that is easily accessible from Seoul is Sokcho. It is a city that is near the East Sea, but has... Continue Reading →

Summer Exchange: Kyung Hee Pt. 2

Hi guys, I am back in Singapore. Promised to blog more about Summer Exchange but obviously I did not do so. But perhaps this will summarise all the things that I have experienced during the 28 days I lived in South Korea as a haksaeng (student). There were some things that I have addressed previously, and some... Continue Reading →

Train Breakdowns & How to ‘Fix’ it

Number one. Do not blame the workers. There was once a worker died on the tracks and we don't want to relive that scar. What if they all protest, and it's super pressurising. (Having worked in F&B, I sort of know how idiotic/demanding consumers can be) Number two, really re-evaluate the nationwide constructions and roads.... Continue Reading →

Blogging Void

I'm actually trying to revive my blog, but to no avail. School has started (currently in my junior year). Time really flies by during this semester. It scares me that recess week/fall break is actually next week. Not really ready to face the fact that I am flying out of the country, yet again, this... Continue Reading →

Summer Exchange: Kyung Hee University Pt. 1

Hi guys! I haven't posted in a while. There's a reason for that.... Well, right now, I am in South Korea. For what? FOR SUMMER EXCHANGE! There are so many things to tell you about how I felt, and of course, things to take note. First Impressions The Global Collaborative Summer Programme sounded really interesting.... Continue Reading →

little time

There isn't a lot of freedom left before I leave this place called home. I won't be there to physically see my family, and won't eat the same food as they do. For a month. My heart wrenches at that very thought, but I am doing something that not many get to do, and not... Continue Reading →

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