Daily Prompt – Degree

If you were in Singapore and you associate yourself with a degree, the most common and obvious thing that Singaporeans would ask is: You have a university degree? From where? It gets very frustrating at times because not everyone wants to be associated to a piece of paper that you get at the end of... Continue Reading →


Realistically Speaking about Solo Traveling

Most of you, if not all, have seen Facebook posts about the wonderful things related to solo travelling. How it opens up your eyes to the beautiful things on Earth. Add that to your Instagram feed with those captions... Everything seems positive.  Right? Nope. Not exactly. First things first, I acknowledge that I am one... Continue Reading →

Day 118: Happy Lunar New Year!

Dear Diary, My whole family went to Padang without me. As I have a lot of school work to be done, I can't just ditch all of my work and go because those school work involve team presentations. 😦 My Chinese New Year just comprised of me staying at home, watching YouTube videos, doing my readings... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Morning Flurry

Dear Diary, I skipped Day 2, didn't I? I thought of writing yesterday, but I was a bit too overwhelmed with school in the morning, feeding the cat in the afternoon... and procrastinated a little (by 6 hours). I am currently watching a few Korean dramas, nothing worth obsessing though because they are the normal... Continue Reading →

College Updates

I have been missing for less than a month - I'm not even guilty of it! College has been hectic (that's an understatement, actually) and I'm pretty jumbled up about my college experience so far? Anyway, read on if you're curious as to what's going on in my life... I have got quite a bit to... Continue Reading →

Satisfaction over Salary

I'm blogging at work right now. Not ethically right, but since it is not a rush hour, I am pretty much okay doing this. Of course I have to abandon ship (of blogging) when residents come through the door to demand some stuff, but for now, I'll just let my mouth ramble hands go on... Continue Reading →

Ineffective Sex Education in Schools

I'm not talking about making students have sex just to make them understand. That's just plain stupidity. I'm not even talking about the consequences of having (premarital) sex and for girls, getting pregnant. I think everyone knows that - emotional and physical stress, some going through shotgun marriages, abortion blah blah blah. I'm talking more... Continue Reading →

5 Questions: 2 Truths, 1 Lie

I enjoy this game very very much, but I've never tried playing this through blog posts. Let's try. (I want you to join me and submit your 2 truths and 1 lie as well!) 1. The Embarrassing Side a) I got pelted by eggs. b) I got pelted by bird poop. c) I got pelted... Continue Reading →

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