Balancing Work, Study and Travel

Introduction: Friends have always wondered how I managed to juggle work, school as well as traveling. I would not say there is a one-method-fits-all kind of thing, but after knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I suppose I found my own personal fix to really utilising my time wisely. Just a disclaimer, I do have my down-times, where… Continue reading Balancing Work, Study and Travel


NTU Life: Buses

Welcome to the second blog post where I try to introduce you to getting around campus as an NTU undergraduate student. Pulau NTU is a little frustrating to navigate around, what with the weird floors which don't make sense. I'll try to break it down to you. Well, try. Let's see what Nanyang Technological University has to offer... Hi. I… Continue reading NTU Life: Buses


NTU Life: Halls

Welcome to the first blog post where I try to introduce you to life as an NTU undergraduate student. Located in sunny Singapore, Nanyang Technological University is also "affectionately" known as Pulau NTU, because apparently only 3 buses go in and out of the campus - 179, 199 and Campus Green. During blooming season, you can observe… Continue reading NTU Life: Halls


Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP)

Co-funded by Cat Welfare Society and the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, with support from Town Councils, I managed to get a veterinary slot for the community cat, Sayang!This is my first time actually caring for a cat daily (a really huge commitment) and a stray cat at that. It's a little intimidating, but… Continue reading Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP)


Guide: Short, Smart, Sweet Study Tips

Currently, it is 1.10AM and I am at a void deck studying with one of my friends. He will be having his exam, while I will be having my paper submissions pretty soon. Since it's appropriate timing, I'd love to some study tips which will hopefully help you students facing the wrath of deadlines and exams!… Continue reading Guide: Short, Smart, Sweet Study Tips

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Local University Acceptances (Yes, even with my subpar results)

Thinking that since this year's results were the best since 2006, I thought I was completely blown out of the water (yes, I am a fish) because look: BCC/DBA is surely no match for a BBC/CCC or even another set of grades combination that had 1.25 grade points more than mine? This week sure was the living proof… Continue reading Local University Acceptances (Yes, even with my subpar results)