Realistically Speaking about Solo Traveling

Most of you, if not all, have seen Facebook posts about the wonderful things related to solo travelling. How it opens up your eyes to the beautiful things on Earth. Add that to your Instagram feed with those captions... Everything seems positive.  Right? Nope. Not exactly. First things first, I acknowledge that I am one... Continue Reading →


Backpacker in… Andong

Prior to the Sokcho leg of the most recent backpacking trip, I was in Andong, North Gyeongsang. Before my trip, I knew that Andong was a sure visit because of the various things that you can visit and try to experience the beautiful rural city. One thing I appreciated more than anything else is the convenient intercity... Continue Reading →

Balancing Work, Study and Travel

Introduction: Friends have always wondered how I managed to juggle work, school as well as traveling. I would not say there is a one-method-fits-all kind of thing, but after knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I suppose I found my own personal fix to really utilising my time wisely. Just a disclaimer, I do have my down-times, where... Continue Reading →

Day 87: Make Do with Lesser

Dear Diary, My days are much emptier, and I mostly spend my days at home with my mom. It's much lonelier, but I prefer it this way, surprisingly. My time is devoted to my family and selected groups of friends now, especially ex-colleagues like my brother and Yuhui. Since I didn't have any job that... Continue Reading →

Day 67: The Fallen

Dear Diary, I am not in the best state of health. Fell sick right after I got back from Vietnam, or more like I was sick on the last day I was there. Vietnam was quite fun, albeit a bit stressful when you're traveling with a cranky parent. Besides that, I did meet a few... Continue Reading →

2017? 2017!

It's never too early to start thinking about 2017! TigerAir had their birthday sale today from 12 midnight to 12 pm (which will end in about like... 18 minutes as I type this?). I really wanted to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong but apparently they are very popular destinations! Taiwan/Hong Kong... it wasn't meant to be. So I searched... Continue Reading →

Winter Break 2015-16

It's been a while since I last published a post. All in good reason, I hope, and that I am in time to update this tiny space after a long period of absence. After my first semester of college has ended, I was on my way to 6 weeks of an adventure-filled holiday - 8... Continue Reading →

The End of Finals

... and that marks the end of Year 1 Semester 1. It has been a crazy ride, no doubt, but I did so many things that I could not have possibly done. For one, I drove my friends and we ate at 24/7 eateries for the first time in my life. After 12 midnight. I drove on the... Continue Reading →

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